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The Best Fitness and Health Book Summaries on the Market

Fit knowts is the only book summary service that specializes in fitness and health. Get the most vital information from top books in 5 well-curated pages.

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Our cover-to-cover book summaries save you countless hours of research and reading time.


In today’s busy world, you don’t have time to spend hundreds of hours wading through stacks of books to obtain the exact information you’re searching for. 

Fit Knowts has done the hard work for you! 

After an exhaustive search, we selected the highest quality fitness and health books written by world renowned experts to include in our library.

Next, we curated each book’s key insights and most important concepts into compelling 5-page summaries.


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Broaden your health and fitness knowledge by consuming books faster.


Our extensive collections allow you to focus on your area of interest, and access the breakthrough teachings of acclaimed health and fitness leaders in one convenient place.

You’ll be able to quickly locate the book that contains the specific information you’re looking for using our search index of over 200 keywords. 

Receive instant access to comprehensive summaries of your chosen books, including audio versions.

Get smarter in minutes!


1. Choose Your Collection

Select from 6 categories, including yoga, running, nutrition, strength training, and more.


2. Search in Seconds

Browse our book titles or search using our index of over 200 key terms.


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Fit Knowts is the #1 choice for cover-to-cover health and fitness book summaries among….


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➢ Phys. Ed. Teachers

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We have a rigorous book selection process.


We utilize the highest standards when choosing books for the Fit Knowts library. We’re so proud to only include top rated books written by the world’s most respected fitness and health professionals. Leading publishers include:

Need More Convincing?  Read what a few happy Fit Knowts members have to say:

I got just as much info from your summary than from reading the book.
— Lauren, Personal Trainer
An amazing and great idea!
— Jackie, Personal Trainer
Fit knowts is exactly the type of thing we’re into.
— Liz, Studio Owner

Fit knowts helps you learn from the best, in less time!