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Learn From the Top Authors in Health and Fitness, Faster.

Cover-to-cover summaries of high-quality, focused information in five well-curated pages.


Featured Publishers Include


Six Collections

Our library of summaries includes titles covering six different areas of interest, we call these our Collections: Mindfulness, Mobility, Nutrition, Running, Strength and Functional Training, and Yoga. Collections enable you to focus in on a particular area of interest, easily accessing the insights of various experts in one place instead of having to constantly wade through the ocean of information online to find the keys to great running form or the most effective training for fat loss.


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Five Pages

We find the themes, quotes and "sticky" ideas that best convey the intended result of the author. We carefully read each book, cover-to-cover, and take great care in delivering the most actionable information to you so that you can learn from the best, in less time.

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Each book added to our library needs to pass our selection criteria by achieving a high cumulative score based on five benchmarks: Accessibility, Clarity, Applicability, Style, and Data Quality. This process ensures that the summaries that you get are packed with high-quality information. To get results, you need information to be actionable—low-quality, unfounded user-generated content is not actionable, well-researched, tested, high-quality information is.




We have acquired all of the appropriate rights and permissions to host the summaries in our library—plus, our revenue-sharing model supports the outstanding publishers and authors that we feature. By subscribing to our library, you are helping to support the great work of these individuals.

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Optional quizzes are also available for each summary to help you test what you have learned. The best way to ensure that information sticks is to put it to use right away—our short quizzes help you do this, creating the momentum needed for you to apply your new knowledge to your training.


What You Get With Our Basic Subscription


  • Five-page PDF summaries of the bestselling and top-rated titles in health and fitness

  • Audio summaries in MP3 format (about 18 minutes for each summary)

  • Quizzes to test what you've learned from each summary

  • A searchable index of over 200 key terms 

  • 30+ titles, covering six Collections to get you started

  • Easy, instant, access to our library of summaries via our mobile optimized web-app

  • And, you'll be locked in to our current low price! Even as we add more titles and features to the library, you'll never be charged more!

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The I Didn't Learn Anything, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

Sign up now with confidence!

fit knowts is only $4 per month at our current low price!

Try out fit knowts for 60 days, and if it doesn't work for you, as long as you have downloaded no more than six (6) summaries within the 60-day timeframe, you'll get your money back.

There's really absolutely no-risk in giving it a try!

Even if you read one summary from each Collection you can get your money back!


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