Are monthly subscriptions available?

Yes, we do currently offer monthly subscriptions, if you are interested in purchasing a monthly subscription please visit our Sign Up page.

What are my subscription options?

We currently have two subscription offerings, a Basic Subscription and a Plus Subscription. The Plus Subscription gives you full access to the fit knowts Library, including summaries in PDF and MP3 formats. The Basic Subscription provides two summaries sent to you by email each month, based on interests.

Are team subscriptions available?

Yes, if you have a team of trainers, coaches or instructors and would like to learn more, please contact our Support Squad.

Yes, if you are unhappy with fit knowts we are happy to provide a full refund within 60 days of your subscription purchase. Please contact us here. Refunds are permitted on new subscriptions only, not renewals and, as per our Terms of Use, refunds will not be granted if more than 6 summaries have been downloaded, in PDF or MP3 format, within the first 60 days of a new subscription.

Is it possible to get a refund?