Become a Supple Leopard

Stretching is dead.
— Dr. Kelly Starrett

Do you have a mobility practice?  When was the last time you didn't just stretch, but took your hips through full range of motion, or worked on your soft tissues to decrease restrictions and tightness?  In a perfect world your answer would be, "I do that everyday!"  But, we know that while the road to a daily mobility practice is paved with good intentions, it is also paved with distractions, responsibilities, and excuses.  

Enter Dr. Kelly Starrett, a physical therapist, mobility master, and author who is making it his life's work to help you move better, reduce pain, and improve your flexibility, mobility, and overall athletic performance.  Becoming a Supple Leopard has been described as a "bible" and "big sexy cookbook for the body" designed not only for elite athletes, but for everyday human activity.

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