Resolve to Have a Champion Mindset

With New Years’ right around the corner, what type of resolutions do you have? Are there certain habits that you are hoping to kick, or maybe pick up? This is the time of year in which adopting a Champion Mindset is going to be one of the best ways to get what you want out of life, in the best possible way. Rather than relying on resolutions that you may or may not stick to, why not invest in a new outlook?

What is the Champion Mindset?

One of the biggest questions to answer is, just what is the Champion Mindset? This is the principle that is found in The Way of the Champion by Jerry Lynch, and it is one book that you need to read before 2018 gets here! Ultimately, a champion mindset is meant to help a person, whether they be an athlete, coach, trainer or weekend warrior, practice the daily habits that are those of a champion.

What are the Qualities of a Champion?

To truly understand what adopting a champion mindset is going to mean, you must understand the qualities that make up a champion. According to Jerry Lynch these include:

  1. Having Self-Awareness: This not only includes knowing what your own strengths and weaknesses are, but also knowing those who oppose you. You need to have self-awareness of who you are on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. You must remain dedicated, always “staying the course” even when there is uncertainty or you have people who are against you—this will be easier once you are truly self-aware.
  2. You must understand and implement into your life the way of strategic positioning: This refers to knowing when you need to make changes for a specific situation or for life in general. In this quality, the most important thing to remember is that preparation is key to gaining your best strategic position.
  3. Have a competitive advantage: This means that you will stare fear in the eyes and emerge safely on the other side, whether this is in sport or in life. Along with this you will learn that fatigue is a part of the game, and you are going to fail at times, but every failure is a learning opportunity. In addition, you must practice the competitive virtues of the heart as defined by Jerry Lynch as compassion, modesty, persistence, courage, yielding, fortitude, belief, sacrifice, and respect.
  4. Learn team unity and leadership: In the end, you will find that a cohesive team attitude is the only way to win, whether that be in professional or personal relationships, on the field or off, we have to pick each other up.

Use The Way of the Champion to help define your habits for the New Year. Adopt a Champion Mindset to know yourself better—in exhibiting the qualities of a champion in every endeavour, you can bet you will get what you want out of 2018, and isn't that what resolutions are all about?

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